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by veo

We all know free online games can be very addictive. Starting from “Trap the cat” to “Solitaire” such games consume 30% of each working day, bringing down the productivity of the masses, considerably. But, these games also act as great stress busters. Nowadays, such free online games are used widely to teach subjects like mathematics and physics.

Physics games are becoming quite popular among the middle school students. Though there are several such educational games available online most of them are similar. Here are a few tips to improve them to make them more educative.

1. Games which explain gravity, equilibrium and other such concepts start with very simple steps and switch over to complex levels immediately. It would be better if the background comes embedded with important definitions in picture or in sound. The complex levels should contain simple hints on how to solve them.

2. Construction games are a great way to learn about mechanics, electronics and various other concepts. These physics games should be modified to explain, weight, velocity, energy, shape of the objects used and the technology of wiring etc. These explanations can be shown in simple flash cards. This will make the students understand the concept in a better way.

3. Instead of adding bizarre music at the background, definitions sung in the latest hit song’s tune will help students memorize important points easily. It is the best way to make kids learn tables and high school students learn lengthy definitions.

4. When it comes to mathematics, complex algebra concepts can be thought using simple puzzle games. The free online games should make use of multiple choice answers.

5. Complex theorems can be explained through games similar to Mario. The hero can be made to travel in the path of the theorem or a geometrical concept. The students can be made to build castles and houses along the geometrical construction figures.

6. When it comes to trigonometry, students hate to remember various place values. Simple free online games which let out the value of various trigonometric signs when an object is hit or shot will help the students memorize these values effortlessly.

7. Physics games with pictures of scientists who invented various concepts dressed like the latest stars will lure kids into learning physics. Instead of explaining about Einstein and his theory of relativity in a monotonous manner, the games can show various interesting scenes from Hollywood sci-fi movies and make the kids point out the physics games concept related to it.

If you are a gamer building such educative games, implement these ideas to create some really mesmerizing and useful educational games. The student community will stay indebted to you for a long time and make you rich quite soon.

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