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What Coding Languages Are Used To Develop iPhone Apps?

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While it may sound like a very technical undertaking, anyone with a good knowledge of object oriented computer programming can easily develop iPhone apps. However, due to restrictions placed by Apple, not all object oriented programming languages are suitable for would be developers. Here is a detailed guide on what programming language is best and how best to approach the task.

Apple restricts all apps meant for launching on its Apple stores to be based on Objective C as a programming code. Objective C is a hybridized form of the more universal C programming code. It is possible to create passable applications using other languages and then using a wrapper API to make it look like Objective C but this may not always work.

In order to develop a good app that will get enough popularity with iPhone users, you need to use a Mac computer. For the best results, go for one with an Intel based processor, preferably running MAC OS X. As such, you will not have to trouble yourself with thoughts about compatibility of the applications you develop as they will already be optimized for use on iOS devices.

The next step is actually easy. After setting up your MAC, go and download the iPhone app developer SDK (Software Development Kit) from the Apple website. Apple provides the SDK free of charge and it contains everything you need to begin including the environment XCode as well as the simulator that allows you to test the apps before launching them.

Brush up on your OOP (Object Oriented Programming) skills especially as they apply to Objective C. It has in many ways similarities with Java as it hides the complexity of the underlying hardware leaving you to concentrate on the technical aspects of the application itself and not the platform on which it will run. Today there are plenty of free online tutorials to guide you.

Start by writing simple programs. Being too ambitious to begin with can cause you numerous problems in the future. It is best to play it safe by beginning with a set of manageable projects and gradually qualifying to more complex and challenging tasks as your skills and confidence increases. Unlike more safe OOP languages like Java, a single misplaced byte in an Objective C code may lead to your program crashing as a whole.

After testing your application sufficiently on the simulator, you need to migrate to the real iOS environment. To do this, you need to register first with the official iPhone developer program. You will need to pay a joining fee of $99. After you have signed the agreement to abide by Apple’s code of conduct, return the form to begin testing your application on a real iPhone environment.

Becoming a good Apple devices application developer is more about having the right skills and tools rather than being a professional programmer. Learning the right object oriented coding will help you to develop iPhone apps that are ready to launch on the actual devices. Once you get registered as a developer, you can launch them online and await them to be downloaded by enthusiasts.

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