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Can Physics Exist Without Math?

by veo
Can Physics Exist Without Math

In fact, many forms of maths was discovered due to physics classic example is calculus. If you want to enjoy “hearing” physics you can do without math. If you want to “Understand” it is impossible without maths.

So, now you know why maths is important for understanding physics.

Physics is a discipline of science which deals with the study of energy and matter and their relationship with space, time and force.

A physicists specializes in the application of mathematic formulas to define how the universe and nature function.

With such a vast array of capabilities, it is only natural that many sub branches of physics exist to help an individual select an area of expertise in their scientific studies.

Research into chaos theory, string theory, theoretical physics, astronomy, electromagnetism and nanotechnology are among the many areas of study within the community of physicists.

Theoretical physics produces perhaps some of the most intriguing ideas within the scientific community. Part of this research is being done to harness the ability to capture and store energy more efficiently.

The need for energy exists throughout all forms of life however this factor is magnified exponentially when applied to a civilization as opposed to an individual organism.

Without the ability to harness energy resources cutting edge experimentation could not continue in the scientific community.

One excellent example of this can be seen in the observations made at the Large Haldron Collider at the CERN facility in Switzerland.

Experiments conducted at this facility led to one of the most innovative discoveries of science with the verification of the Higgs boson particle which was theorized decades ago.

Unlike politics, the verification of a theory is not always a joyous occasion in science. It is a common feeling between scientists that when an experiment proves a theory to be correct there is nothing learned from the experiment.

While most of the world rejoiced there existed a hand full of physicists that did not share in the elation occurring from the news of the Higgs boson discovery.

Astronomy is an area of great interest to the governments of the modern world as this is one of the few areas of exploration available without defined boundaries.

The downfall of astronomical research is that it is highly dependent on energy resources to sustain operations off our planet.

Developments in technology and the understanding of physics have allowed scientists to devise creative solutions to identify phenomenon that was once only a theory and thought to be impossible to prove such as black holes and dark matter.

The irony of theoretical physics is that many of the ideas proposed are commonly shot down by members of the scientific community as unrealistic however time after time some of the most unbelievable ideas have been proven true when technology catches up to the minds that proposed the theories.

The advent of the discussion of black holes began when a mathematical formula produced an unexpected result (in the form of a singularity).

The idea that a singularity could possibly exist was initially dismissed by many however an equal portion continued to believe that a singularity in nature was possible.

Eventually as astronomical instruments improved evidence that black holes not only could exist but flourished throughout the universe astounded both those scientists that believed in the theory and those that didn’t.

Note: Physics and it’s important theories are always proved with mathematical formulae and that’s why physics can’t exist Without Math.

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