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MBBS in Poland: Top  Medical Universities in Poland

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MBBS in Poland Best college

A high-quality medical education, affordable tuition, and a high rate of job growth after completing an MBBS in Poland have made Poland the top choice for Indian students seeking to pursue an MBBS overseas since 2010.

In Poland, more than 7000 students have been studying medicine during the past five years. Many Indian students now favour Poland over their home country when choosing an MBBS programme.

The medical colleges in Poland rank among the best medical schools in the world. The diploma from Polish medical universities is widely recognised, and graduates are qualified to take the NMC screening exam.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) and the Ministries of Education and Health have both accredited the top medical schools that MBBS in Poland connects Indian students with. We make it simple and quick for students to apply directly to the top medical universities or colleges of their choice in Poland for MBBS admission, saving them time and bother.

Why study MBBS in Poland?
Featured in the global directory of medical universities.no entrance test.Students are provided with a high-quality educational system by top universities.The cost of an MBBS programme in Poland is relatively reasonable.One-year internship in reputable public and private hospitals.English is the primary language of instruction in all Polish medical colleges.Polish medical schools enjoy great popularity because of their highly qualified medical professionals.The medical degree earned in Poland is respected all around the world.For students who have earned their MBBS degree, Poland provides a blue card work permit so they can find employment and establish a life here.International organisations including the WHO – World Health Organisation  and NMC – Naional Medical Commission have acknowledged and accredited all medical universities in Poland.In comparison to getting admission for PG in India, it is simpler to acquire admission for PG following MBBS in Poland.
Best Medical Universities in Poland
PUMS – Introduction
The Poznan University of Medical Sciences offers a professional degree of Doctor of Medicine, opening doors to medical licencing on all continents, to both undergraduate and graduate applicants.
We hold our instructors to the highest teaching standards in accordance with American, European, and other worldwide standards to ensure that you are well-prepared for licencing tests, wherever you want to sit for them. Each lesson is meticulously planned out and includes the ideal ratio of classroom instruction, hands-on practise, and simulation. We have been successfully educating students from all over the world for 25 years.6 clinical hospitals, a hospice, and a cutting-edge medical simulation facility are all owned by the university.
Because of our location in the European Union, our graduates are free to pursue professional and research careers both inside and outside of Europe, and the numerous career paths of our alumni show that they are successful whether they do so in Canada, the US, Norway, Taiwan, the UK, or anywhere else.
PUMS – Courses
General MedicinePharmacyDentistryNursingPostgraduatePhD
PUMS – Entrance Examination and Interview
In addition to sending application documents, candidates to the English-language Programs are required to attend an entrance examination/interview with the University representatives.Topics for Entrance examination and Interviewknowledge and reasoning in the natural sciences with the main focus on the human body,self-introduction/motivation/interpersonal skills,voluntary work/experience in health services,English language proficiency.
PUMS – Tuition Fee 
Tuition FeeTuition of 60 500 PLN per one year of studies:First part of the tuition fee (down payment) in the amount of 4 800 PLN payable by the date indicated in the acceptance letter (setting the payment is the condition for being enrolled on the student list)The rest of the tuition is divided into three installments:– 1st installment payable by September 30, 2022: 18 566 PLN– 2nd installment payable by February 15, 2023: 18 567 PLN– 3rd installment payable by April 15, 2023: 18 567 PLNThe fee for issuing student ID card is 22 PLN.
  • MBBS programme in Poland has a duration of 6 years
  • Considering the demand of the foreign students in Poland, the medical universities in Poland offers MBBS course in English:
  • All the NMC approved medical universities in Poland offer English medium programs to teach MBBS subjects to the students.
  • PUMS Ranking – Country -16, World – 1128
Cost of Living
Dormitory FeeDouble room450 PLN in Eskulap,570 PLN in Medyk,590 PLN in Aspirynka,670 PLN plus meter charges for cold & hot water and electricity, and laundry tokens in Karolek.Double room (single occupancy)900 PLN in Eskulap,1140 PLN in Medyk,1180 PLN in Aspirynka,1340 PLN plus meter charges for cold & hot water and electricity, and laundry tokens in Karolek.Single room950 PLN plus meter charges for cold & hot water and electricity, and laundry tokens in Karolek.Dormitory deposit (refundable): 1500 PLN Costs of Living Monthly Expenses – Average Value                                                                                PLN                         EURRent – Student Dormitory                             400 – 600                      90 – 140Public Transportation                                       50 – 60                        11 – 13Health Insurance                                               40 – 60                         9 –  13Phone , Internet and TV Subscriptions          80 – 100                      17 – 22 Groceries                                                           700 – 900                    150 – 200 Entertainment                                                  150 – 200                       35 – 45Average Total Expenses                                  1500 – 2000                330 – 430
MUG – Introduction
On October 8, 1945, Gdask Medical University was established. The institution has a long history of offering medical and natural science courses under the supervision of renowned authorities in those fields.According to Perspektywy rankings, it is among the top 10 Polish state universities and the best medical school in the world.
There are 6000 students enrolled in the Gdask Medical University, including some Ph.D., postgraduate, and undergraduate students. The university participates in the International Research Agenda initiative offered by the Polish Science Foundation.
MUG – Courses
General MedicinePharmacyHealth SciencesBiotechnology
  • MBBS programme in Poland has a duration of 6 years
  • Considering the demand of the foriegn students in Poland, the medical universities in Poland offers MBBS course in English:
  • All the NMC approved medical universities in Poland offer English medium programs to teach MBBS subjects to the students.
  • GUM Ranking – Country -57, World – 4487
MUG – Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee / Year                   –          13000 US$         – 9,10,000 INR        Hostel Fee / Year                    –            1800 US$         – 1,26,000 INR
3. Jagiellonian University Medical College – Introduction
The oldest university in Poland with notable modern accomplishments is Jagiellonian University. King Kazimierz established the university in the city of Krakow. The university was founded on May 12, 1364, giving it a 600-year existence.
The Department of Health Protection, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Pharmacy were all created by the institution in 1993. The university is expanded with four faculties in the year 1400.
In Poland, all medical departments were decoupled from universities in 1950 and developed into standalone organisations called medical academies. The medical college was founded by the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, and health science. The first doctor to be chosen as a medical institute rector was Dr. Jan Kro.
Jagiellonian University Medical College – Courses
MedicinePharmacyHealth Sciences
Jagiellonian University Medical College – Ranking
Country Rabk – 2World Rank – 420
Jagiellonian University Medical College – Admission Requirements/Steps
The admission procedure is quite simple at Jagiellonian University Medical College, Let’s move towards step by step:Step 1:For applying MBBS course at Jagiellonian University Medical College, a candidate need to fill the online application form available on the website www.erk.uj.edu.pStep 2:Read the information regarding qualification criteria and required documents carefully & fill the form with valid details.Step 3:Make sure that you have filled the correct details or not.Step 4:Some documents required to submit online during the registration process & some documents can be submitted during admission of the programme.Step 5:Candidates need to pay application fee after confirmation of registration. Note that the application fee is not refundable.Step 6:Candidate should have to register on OAS account for applying entrance exam conducted by the institute.Step 7: The result of application & announcement of a ranking list should be displayed on OAS account at the time of admission counseling process.Step 8:After confirmation & declaration of result, the candidate needs to enroll officially for the MBBS programme.
Jagiellonian University Medical College – Tuition Fee / Hostel Fee
Tuition Fee / Year                   –          17000 US$         – 11,90,000 INR        Hostel Fee / Year                    –            2600 US$         – 1,82,000 INR
4. Medical University of Lodz – Introduction
The Polish Parliament established the Medical University of Lodz on July 27, 2002. At the Medical University of Lodz today, there are approximately 770 students studying medicine from different nations.The courses are offered worldwide and are taught in English. Four teaching hospitals connected with the university, totaling 1600 beds, form a department that offers highly specialised diagnostic and therapeutic services.By agreement with the Ministry of Health, Professor Andrzej Lewinski served as the Medical University of Lodz’s first rector. The university is additionally featured in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), which offers data about foreign medical schools.
Medical University of Lodz – Courses
Medical University of Lodz – Admission Requirements / Steps
Admission Process (2022-23) – For MBBS/MD CourseStep 1: Candidate needs to register on the website https://registration.umed.lodz.pl/Step 2:After registration, check the fields carefully and fill the required fields with valid details.Step 3:After verification of details, click on the submit button.Step 4:The admission committee will verify the documents and notify the candidate if he meets the eligibility criteria.Step 5:Eligible candidate will get an email from the admission office.Step 6: Candidates will get the notifications of the entrance exam conducted by the institute.Step 7: Once the candidate cleared the entrance exam, he/she will receive an offer letter from the institute.
Medical University of Lodz – Hostel Fee
Hostel Fee / Year                    –            3800 US$         – 2,66,000 INR
Medical University of Lodz – Tuition Fee
Particulars1st Year2nd Year3rd YEar4th Year5th Year6th Year
Fees in Euros11,20011,00011,00011,00011,00011,000
Fees in USD13,1041,28641,28641,28641,28641,2864
Fee in INR9,17,2809,00,4809,00,4809,00,4809,00,4809,00,480
5. Medical University of Lublin – Introduction
By order of the cabinet, the Medical University of Lublin was established on October 24, 1949. Graduates and doctoral students at the institution receive training in the medical, pharmaceutical, and health sciences. Additionally, the institution promotes student participation in a training programme run by public research institutes.The institution now boasts 7000 students, 1000 of them are international students from 53 different nations. The Medical University of Lublin provides specialist courses in medical analytics, biomedicine, physical therapy, pharmacy, dental hygiene, dentistry, nursing, emergency medicine, and public health.The Central Council for Science and Higher Education in Poland has given its approval to the courses offered at the Medical University of Lublin. The Medical Academy Lublin Library opened its doors on Szkolna18 Street in the year 2000.
Medical University of Lublin – Courses
Medical University of Lublin – Admission Requirements / Steps
The worldwide medical aspirants must follow the mentioned below steps to take admission in Medical University of Lublin:Step 1: Firstly, the candidate needs to register on the university portal for enrolling MD course.Step 2:Candidate should submit original or certified copies of documents signed by prescribed authorities.Step 3:All the documents should be translated into English or the Polish language certified by respective authorities.Step 4:Candidate should have to apply for the entrance exam conducted by the institute.Step 5:The entrance examination consists of 100 MCQ questions.
Medical University of Lublin – Ranking
Country – 70                      World – 5618
Medical University of Lublin – Tuition Fee
Particulars Annual Fee
Fee in US$ – approximately$6,885.5
Fee in INR – approximatelyRs 4,81,985
Application FeeRs 20,656
Total FeeRs 5,02,641

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