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Modern Code Languages in Web Page Design

by veo
Code Languages in Web Page Design

Web design is one of the most important features of modern advertising. It constitutes a massive percentage of our modern market and generates billions of dollars moved in and out per day. It is said to be the future of all modern sales and industry, and this is being proven true on a daily basis. For this reason knowing how to use web page design artfully and well and knowing all that it entails is an essential for a successful business and company. Hence, learning what has to go on behind the scenes is essential to grasping what it is that powers this incredible sales element.

There are many options when it comes to how to go about building a site, but almost without fail a designer must know the web languages HTML (with its many substrata XHTML, HTML4 and 5, etc.) and CSS. These are the two basic elements to any web site working and that is only the foundation. The HTML is like the building blocks, the pieces, bricks, and mortar as well as base that holds the site up. The CSS is the architect behind them all enabling the site to look and feel just like home. Knowing and learning these two languages is vital and can be done from private study or courses or from a book or course.

Now you have the framework of the site, the walls and the look of the house, but this (in most cases) does not make a house welcoming. It isn’t doing anything or going anywhere. It is the same with a website. There is no electricity or water to make the house really livable, or in the case of a website more like changing the content from static content to dynamic content (still versus moving).

The difference is tremendous. This is where knowing languages that are a bit more advanced such as PHP and ColdFusion is an essential. JavaScript also falls into this category, making the site do more than just sit there, but enabling it to think and feel in its own way. This makes the web site send mail to its clients or have blog posting ability, or any other number of incredibly useful functions that keep a reader or user coming back for more every day if possible. This is in essence the most important part of the advertising, as a site that is just the same content day in and day out will never be returned to and can’t provide shopping lists or anything of that sort. A site armed with the necessities of PHP, JavaScript, and Coldfusion comes alive and begins to attract quite a crowd.

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