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Online video lectures

Many are skeptical that implementing video lectures will only make the students lazy to attend real lectures. Many also ask if students of electronics engineering even want educational lectures be delivered to them via media. They pose an important question that if a student is offered with an option to either watch a funny video of a cat dancing, and a video lecture of 15 minutes in length which one will they choose?

But those who are advocates of video classes are of the viewpoint that the assistance to students via video tutorials and tutorials can be additionally useful for students to grasp the subject as complicated as electronics. This will help the students learn better with constant guidance so that they can study at their own pace. Also with the availability of video lectures it will be especially helpful for students who couldn’t make it to class once, or for those who do not speak English as their first language.

While this is the viewpoint of the administrators and teachers in the academic world most students have a unified opinion. Most university students do not possess a clear idea about what type of technologies will help them get through their course. But it has been recently noted in a study that many are beginning to realize the potentialities of using video classes. When they were asked about which technology they’d like to see in their university, the response was almost unanimously assertive about video lectures.

Also an important opinion about video teachings amongst students is that they can be especially useful for international students. It is often difficult for international students to follow lectures in any other language (mostly English) other than their mother tongue. As well as for students who require additional learning support to follow. Also, the option to pause a lecture mid-way to be able to take notes and take some time to understand a complicated topic could not be of much harm for anyone. It has been observed that students who took the help of video lectures in addition to regular ones performed better than those who did not.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that video lectures and lecture capture, if implemented effectively into the curriculum for intricate courses like electronics and other engineering fields; will only be an invaluable tool that will promote better learning environment for university students. The pace at which technology is advancing everyday and with more and more students becoming better tech savvy video lectures, tutorials and lecture capture will soon become an integral part of college courses.

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