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Why is China ideal for studying MBBS?

by Kumari Ankita
ideal for studying mbbs

Now a Days China is the ideal country for Indian students to study MBBS. MBBS in China is a dream project for thousands of students. Medical education in our country is in a state of dismay. This creates a crisis of acceptance into good medical care, leading to a massive shortage of millions of doctors. Millions of patients have the opportunity to receive good treatment and care from licensed providers. Let’s know more about why is china ideal for studying MBBS?

The administration and government of India are working hard to improve the doctor-to-patient ratio by 2030, but the situation is out of control. The (MCI) Medical Council of India, which oversees medical edification, faces a massive challenge. There are not enough educational institutions to meet current needs. India now only has 479 institutions teaching MBSS that are registered with the Medical Council of India. The total annual intake at these institutions is around 65,000 students.

For now, these are the facts about medical learning in India. Now let’s talk about the situation of medical aspirants in India. The number of medical aspirants in India is increasing every year. For Indian students who have dreamed of completing an MBBS degree in India, there is stiff rivalry, competition and very few government institutions where one can get admission based on their cutoff grades. This simply means that the chances of getting approved in India are very slim. The admission and tuition fees in private institutions are also too high.

The latest change in NEET policy has helped more medical students choose China by passing the new centralized admission test. In general, all universities in China are recognized by the MCI.

Hence, students are looking for a solution and prefer to study MBBS in China as an overseas destination. If you choose to study MBBS in China, it will be very beneficial for you as the fee structure for Indian students is very low compared to other countries like the UK and USA. China is a neighbor-friendly destination for medical students.

So you don’t have to travel a lot. This MBBS degree is recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India). The language of instruction is English. The students have a better experience with a different international culture.

China is the most likely option for students who fail to complete the NEET. The average tuition fee for a Chinese medical university, along with the medical running costs, is around 4 to 5 lakes per year. This is not as expensive as in the west.

They offer good jobs and collage spots even after graduation and post graduation. Taking an MBBS from China is 70% cheaper than taking the same course from the US or UK, eliminating the need for a student to travel. Here, too, the operating costs are low. The Chinese education system is mostly familiar with the latest technologies, particularly in the fields of medicine, surgical treatment, and even genetics.

In addition, there are no hidden taxes and donations, no entrance tests, extremely low cost of living and the infrastructure is excellent and admirable. Many of the Chinese universities are now among the top 15 worldwide. The infrastructure and all facilities in country are wonderful. It is very safe and as an Asian country, its citizens appreciate and respect each other’s culture and traditions.

In 2004, China allowed foreign students to study medicine. This has resulted in an increase in the number of Indian students who have turned to China in recent years. Information from the project atlas shows that by 2014 the number of Indian students studying MBBS in China had reached 17,894, compared to 765 just 10 years ago. And by 2021, the number of Indian students studying MBBS in China reached 30,197.

The Chinese government offers admissions and enrolls international students at 49 universities. Among 150 universities in China, the Medical Council of India has documented and approved the study of MBBS at 45 universities. Therefore, studying MBBS in China is allowed by the Indian Medical Council. On the other hand, students should not only memorize China to enroll students from India for MBBS degree, but medical institutes in China also enroll international students from many other countries for MBBS degree.

List of 62 Medical Universities in China:

  1. Nanjing Medical University
  2. Xinjiang Medical University
  3. China Medical University
  4. Jiangsu Medical University
  5. Hangzhou Normal University
  6. Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
  7. Shenyang Medical College
  8. Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
  9. Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  10. Hunan Normal University
  11. Hubei University of Medicine
  12. Guilin Medical University
  13. Tianjin Medical University
  14. Jiamusi University
  15. Kunming Medical University
  16. Shihezi University is a university
  17. Hebei United University
  18. Dali University Medical College
  19. Hebei Medical University (HEBMU)
  20. Weifang Medical University
  21. Qingdao University
  22. Beihua University
  23. Lanzhou University
  24. Luzhou Medical College
  25. Jinan University (JNU)
  26. North Sichuan Medical College
  27. Yangzhou University
  28. Dalian Medical University
  29. Anhui Medical University(AMU)
  30. Xi’an Jiaotong University
  31. Jilin University
  32. Harbin Medical University
  33. Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University
  34. Southeast University
  35. Wenzhou Medical University
  36. Wuhan University
  37. Zhejiang University
  38. Southern Medical University
  39. Guangxi Medical University
  40. Guangzhou Medical University (GMU)
  41. Capital Medical University
  42. Tongji University
  43. Central South University (CSU)
  44. Ningbo University
  45. Xiamen University (XMU)
  46. Nantong Medical University
  47. Zhengzhou University
  48. Xuzhou Medical College
  49. Xinjiang Medical University (XMU)
  50. Sun Yat-sen University
  51. Sichuan University
  52. Shantou University
  53. Shandong University
  54. Nanchang University
  55. Liaoning Medical University (LMU)
  56. Popularly known as HUST (The Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
  57. Jiangsu University
  58. Fujian Medical University
  59. Chongqing Medical University
  60. China Three Gorges University
  61. Soochow University
  62. Ningxia University

Admission to MBBS is a simple process followed by an entrance exam. If the student qualifies for the entrance exam, he or she will attend interviews with the CMEI management team. Grades in entrance exams and job interviews, admission are confirmed by the board of directors.

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