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How Does edtech Help Students?

by veo
How Does edtech Help Students

The Covid pandemic has made serious interruptions in our daily lives. Most of organizations and associations are compelled to follow protocols, such as social distancing, remote working and virtual solutions to overcome any issues.

Additionally, schools and other instructive foundations in such sectors had to close their gates an extended period of time. Educational institute staff has to observe the latest measures including wearing masks, using sanitizers and recording temperatures, disinfecting hands, and so on and so forth.

Such measures are fundamental yet harsh for the learning-deprived in Southeast Asia, where the populations is almost 700 million. Young individuals make at least 25.7 percent of that number and they fall in the five-to-19-year-old school-going age section.

As EdTech in Southeast Asia became the need of the hour in the current given situation, there are many other factors that contribute to its further development.

Starting Early

When a child starts school, their love of learning may be negatively influenced by large class sizes, lack of individual attention, and teaching styles contrary to their best learning style. With nearly one million interactive exercises designed by educational experts, children using kids-friendly e-learning apps are set up for success and love for learning before their first day in school. Such platforms help set up a strong foundation before traditional learning methods go back to normal.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

In large classrooms, lack of time and resources make it impossible for teachers to track each student’s learning process to determine individual difficulties. Individualized education improves skills, mastery and increases confidence in students. The use of A.I can ensure that students are able to get the attention they need whilst also making sure that teachers and lecturers are not overburdened.

Connect Students with Teachers and Study Partners Virtually

Once a student leaves the classroom, they are on their own to do the homework. Parents or tutors might not be available to assist the students at all times. That’s where EdTech platforms come in. These not only have a range of accessible video lectures but also have the facility of live individual tutoring as well as group study options. Parents and guardians are kept updated with the results of their children in far better way than traditional learning methods.

Giving Schools the Necessary Resources to Implement such Methods

Making schools equipped with resources needed to carry out virtual learning will yield the best results. Students all across the school will be able to benefit from EdTech. Furthermore, a combination or mixture of online and face to face classes can also be another option. In this case, most of the theoretical work can be taught using online methods whereas lab work and other on field training can be done via traditional learning methods.

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